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[30%OFF] RM126 for a compact multifunctional Shoe Dryer instead of RM180. (Free Peninsular Delivery)

  • Special multifunctional compact shoe dryer

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[30%OFF] RM126 for a handy multifunction Shoe Dryer instead of RM180. (Free Peninsular Delivery)

Our hands and feet have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch where that moisture does breeds fungus and bacteria that create diseases and odors. This will result the shoes and gloves that we are wearing to be soaked up with extra moisture where they do not dry well without the aid of dryer.   

Now MyCoupon.com.my is offering a special multifunctional compact shoe dryer which can be used to dry your shoes, socks or gloves with the gentle warmed air speeds up the drying which won’t harm the footwear for RM126 instead of RM180 which is a total discount of 30%!

Shoe Dryer specifications:
•    Weight : 1kg
•    Design: Compact & foldable (Easy storage )
•    Function : Dry, Warm, Sterilize with UV light, & Deodorize odors from shoes, socks and gloves  
•    Color : Black / white (base on stock availability)
•    Adjustable timer : Maximum 60 min (Auto-shutdown )
•    Individual Packaging box

This shoe dryer is very effective in eliminating moistures in athlete shoes which are usually from sweat inside the shoe or playing on wet ground. A dry pair of comfy shoe will not smell as bad anymore thus keeping your feet in good condition and always ready for a next game!

It is also suitable for anyone who works outdoors like construction workers, transportation workers, policemen, firemen & etc. This can also be effective towards those kids who like to play in puddles or wet lands where wet shoes get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a shoe dryer to remove the moisture, your feel will feel warm and dry.

This shoe dryer is very essential for those that are travelling to cold weather countries as you can increase the warmth of your hands and feet by removing the moisture on your shoes, socks and gloves where they will last longer in good condition too!
Give your feet the comfort they deserve now with savings up to 30%!!!


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