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[16% OFF] RM75 for Swarovski Crystal Hello Kitty 8GB PenDrive instead of RM89 (included ONE Phone Chain & One Gift Box)

  • All pendrive included One (1) phone chain & One (1) gift box
  • Swarovski Crystal Hello Kitty 8GB PenDrive

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[16% OFF] RM75 for Swarovski Crystal Hello Kitty 8GB PenDrive instead of RM89 (included ONE Phone Chain & One Gift Box)

Pen drive had become an essential gadget in this modern era where everyone will at least own one of them. But the outlook of normal pen drives are getting more and more widespread that made it became so common now days.    

Now Mycoupon.com.my is bringing three awesome deals on three different types of pen drive that are uniquely and innovatively designed especially for those digitally savvy and fashion concerned users. With this stylish pen drives on hand, you can now store your data without feeling embarrassed of saving your precious data into obsolete pen drives.

This tremendous pen drive comes with two colors and are made from stainless steel material with imported Swarovski grade A crystal that comes together with a phone chain and gift box which are extremely suitable for all Hello Kitty fans! Now you also can treat the Hello Kitty pen drive as a pendant since the design and outlook is so charming! With the chain provided, you will also not misplace your precious pen drive anymore! 


a) Material: Stainless steel, imported Swarovski Grade A Crystal

b) Memory: 8GB

c) Adaptor: USB 2.0

d) Speed: Read, 6M/S & Write, 30M/S

e) Color available: Gold & Silver

f) Size: 60mm


The pen drive is made with original Swarovski crystals, therefore buyers are eligible to exchange for a new pen drive if there are any damages with terms and conditions applied. 



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