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[41% OFF] RM88 for 3 hours Demo + Hands on Baking class for Dark Mille Chocolate Crepe Cake instead of RM150

  • 3 hours demo + hands on Baking class Dark Mille Chocolate Crepe Cake
  • Experience Homemade baker as your instructor 

  • e-Coupon is to be redeemed from February 18, 2012 until March 11, 2012
  • e-Coupon are non refundable and non exchangeable for other items  or other promotions
  • Baking class apply to weekend (Saturday & Sunday only) from 3pm to 6pm
  • No replacement will be given for expired e-Coupons
  • Restricted for Women only
  • Booking at 5 days in advance, subject to availability
  • 3 days notice for cancellation and only allowing 1 time rescheduling
  • Reservation and email tohomemadefromscratchbaking@gmail.com with
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[41% OFF] RM 88 for 3 hours Demo + Hands on Baking class for Dark Mille Chocolate Crepe Cake instead of RM 150

Ever crave for a slice of Mille Crepe cake to sweeten your tooth or pair it with your afternoon tea frequently with limited outlets available to hunt for it? Afraid of baking a piece of burned cake or results differ from the image in your recipe books as a result of lacking in baking experience and handling skills on selecting the appropriate baking tools? Or even having thoughts of presenting someone special with a self-made gift but no special ideas came across your mind? 

Worry less now as Homemade from Scratch Baking is offering a 42% discount off from their three-hours intensive hands-on chocolate mille crepe cake baking workshop for just RM88 instead of original price of RM150 per student with a limitation of maximum 4 student in a class in order for more attention and guidance be given to the students whereby you can drag along your friends and family members to enjoy the baking sensation and experience with you!

                             The Process of hands on class



Mille crepe cake is a French dessert which is made up from many layers of crepes or pancakes as mille means thousand in French whereby the crepes are then used to sandwich the melting cream layers by layers to stack them up in order to form a piece of beautiful and awesome looking cake!  

With this awesome 41% discount deal brought to you by Mycoupon.com.my, you can bake your own customized miracle multi layered chocolate crepe cakes anytime you wish as Homemade from Scratch Baking will pre-prepare the ingredients and utensils with printed notes provided for students to remember the steps and techniques during their next baking.  What else? You can make it as a gift in various occasions such as a birthday party, farewell, etc and it can be your VALENTINES gift to your love ones as a token of appreciation and at the same time you also get to show off your awesome baking skills!  

Last piece of advice for everyone, do not afraid in making your first attempt on baking the impossible looking multiple layered chocolate crepe cake as baking requires deep patience!

                                     Photo credit to yeeingng

In case you guys have doubts on Homemade from Scratch Baking, they are a home based baker specialized on American desserts that you can rarely find in normal store or outlet. Their cakes and cookies are something that you will usually get to enjoy during family & relatives gathering, creating wonderful bonding among family members. We want our customers to feel like they just baked it from their very own home kitchen. They custom made their baking to their customers request and liking. They believe in using fresh ingredients, thus everything is made from scratch. Preservatives are a No, we believes in using fresh ingredients, thus everything is made from scratch.

1) 18th Feb (Saturday) - 3pm to 6pm
2) 19th Feb (Sunday)  - 3pm to 6pm
3) 25th Feb (Saturday) - 3pm to 6pm
4) 26th Feb (Sunday) - 3pm to 6pm
5) 3rd Mar (Saturday) - 3pm to 6pm
6) 4th Mar (Sunday) - 3pm to 6pm
7) 10th Mar (Saturday) - 3pm to 6pm
8) 11th Mar (Sunday) - 3pm to 6pm

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I only did a few tries. But to make a perfect sized cake, you'll need to make at least 25-30 cre?pes!! Crazy right? So much work!! But with the ingredients listed above, you're well prepared to make up to 40 pieces of cre?pes! by MelissaYang. Read more
Alright so let's get down to business ! Here I'm gonna show you step by step with pictures to assist your understanding. :) Put your aprons on now! by yeeingng. Read more


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