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47% DISCOUNT - RM248 for 1 Unit The Perfect Sit-up Exercise Machine INSTEAD of RM468 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

  • Ergonomically designed neck support for proper spine alignment and for minimum neck strain
  • Hand grips for comfortable placement of hands
  • High carbon Back and leg spring steel blades facilitates well-organized workouts
  • Contoured base aims at right body positioning and maximize activation of even lower abdominal muscles
  • Success motion clicker clicks once complete motion range is reached
  • Storage hanger for ease of hanging and storing

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47% DISCOUNT - RM248 for 1 Unit The Perfect Sit-up Exercise Machine INSTEAD of RM468 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

The Perfect SitUp Perfect Fitness puts your body in the perfect position and combines an upper body crunch with a lower abdominal leg lift. It is ergonomically designed to lower head and neck strain while using the equipment. The hand grips provide comfortable placement of hands for added comfort. High carbon back and leg spring steel blades of this Perfect SitUp facilitates efficient workouts by activating all 4 abdominal muscles.

The contoured base of the Perfect SitUp Perfect Fitness equipment keeps body in the right position and activates even the hard to reach, lower muscles of the abdomen to the maximum so that desired results are achieved quickly. The Success motion clicker lets you know if a complete motion range is reached by producing a click sound. Storage is made easy and convenient with its storage hanger.

(Featured deal sold is an OEM replica of product shown in video)


  • Exercises the upper abs, inner obliques, outter obliques and lower abs.
  • Full motion sit-up exercise combines upper ab crunch with lower ab leg lift.
  • Comfortable hand grips for a secure hold.
  • Neck support to prevent neck strain, aches and injuries.
  • Audible coach clicks each time a repetition is executed correctly.
  • Foot clips secures legs.
  • Contoured padded backrest for comfort.
  • Built-in storage hanger to hang in a closet.
  • Can be used in a seated position in a chair by removing leg blades.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to use for beginners.



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