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33% DISCOUNT - RM50 for 5 Pcs Thailand Natural Handmade Soap INSTEAD of RM75 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

  • Slimming Soap
  • Breast Firming Soap
  • Rice Milk Whitening Soap
  • Beauty Care Face Out ( Orange Flavour)

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33% DISCOUNT - RM50 for 5 Pcs Thailand Natural Handmade Soap INSTEAD of RM75 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

1) Type : Slimming Soap, Help to reduce fat and weight-loss

Slimming soap with natural herbal extracts, Spleen from the treatment, its unique weight-loss efficiency, can penetrate deep subcutaneous adipose tissue, activation of the lipase activity to promote the activities of fat cells to burn excess fat, eliminate stretch marks fast decomposition of excess fatty acids. Microcirculation in the body, the rapid decomposition and excreted. 
The step-by-step and thus received to improve the physical slimming effect without beverages. Continued for a month, you can see very good results! 
Slimming at the same time, but also help to tighten the skin, let your skin vibrant and flexible! Easy to use, non-toxic, non-hormone, no side effects ! 
Long as the bath when using thin soap can be watched sturdy legs, legs, arms, wash increasingly slim, x explicit love handles, Buttocks in order to help building up a good figure "S" body shape.

The slimming soap can help to reduce the accumulation of fat, eliminate stretch marks, can also reduce skin orange peel phenomenon, is a kind of good news the friends you want local slimming.

How to use :

  • Simply summarized in slimming soap bubble 
  • Painted the bubble on the part you want to slim it. 
  • At each site massage - this step is very important
  • Let bubble for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with water

p/s: 1 bar mostly used for 2 weeks time and customer be adviced to continuos use for 1 month which is 2 bars to see the effect.

Do not use in the chest and face in the chest, then the chest small off half an hour after some people with a feeling of some warm, some people are without any feeling, are normal. I personally use is not the feeling some people use would be relatively dry, it is recommended to use soap soap gel can solve this problem, then own bath.

2) Type : Breast Firming Soap


This soap is help to firm up ladies breast and tighten the breast. 
You can also let the chest upgrade the size cup to cup and nipples will become pinkish.

Massage Theory:

  • Hands alternately from bottom to top on the lower side of the chest, outside the lower side do shoot prop action;
  • Tapping to shoot sound-based, and tap to reddish muscle, and then back to the other side to do the same action.


  • CANNOT be used during menstrual period.
  • Customer will be advice to use 2 bars as a treatment set. 
  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding mummy are not suitable to use 
3) Type : Rice Milk Whitening Soap, Milk, this effect can be beauty in fact, very early to have been mastered.

The milk bath this idea started by the royal family and nobles. Queen of the Roman Empire Nero Poppaea is to wash the milk bath, discerned by their Egypt Cleopatra Cleopatra beauty of Cleopatra favorite milk bath.  With the convinced that milk cleansing, softening and bleaching effect.
Therefore, she often milk bath. Still is a much-told story of the beauty industry. Egyptian queen Cleopatra to keep skin Bingjie Yurun the secret is to wash the milk bath.
Believe it or not, in short, from the perspective of nutrition, milk skin Jiapin nobody can deny. Everyone should know that long-term use Taomi wash to keep the skin white compact.
This Soap with these features, firming white, shrink pores, deep clean the skin, moisturizes. The long-term use, the effect is to surprise you!

The rice milk whitening soap made from rice extract and milk essence made, so rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, can promote skin metabolism, prevent skin aging, a natural moisturizing effect and could easily be absorbed by the skin, to prevent dry skin, can repair dry lines, and make Sun Shun injury skin to relieve. Foam is soft, rich, smooth skin after use. And in particular, clean, feeling very transparent pores! Excellent cosmetic results, and respect for the natural beauty, you may wish to try.

4) Type : Beauty Care Face Out, Flavours : Oranges

Help to reduce blackheads, pimples and acnes and freckles.










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