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[50% OFF] Cup-Bon Oreo Chocolate Frappes / Azuki Red Bean / Coffee Bon Tiramisu (choose 1) + 1 Glass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea for only RM7.90 instead of RM15.80

  • Get 2 cups of famous rolling ice and milk tea bevarage
  • 5 strategic locations for redemption
  • Redemption location
  1. Sungai Wang Shopping Mall (1st floor, new outlet next to Monorail Pedestrian bridge)
  2. Low Yat Plaza KL, Lower Ground floor
  3. The Mines
  4. Leisure Mall
  5. Cupbon by Nice Cafe @ Platinum Park, Setapak

  • e-Coupon is to be redeemed from December 21, 2011 until January 21, 2012
  • e-Coupons are non refundable and non exchangeable for other items  or other promotions
  • No replacement will be given for expired e-Coupons
  • May purchase many as gifts
  • Redemption Hours: Monday - Sunday (10am - 10pm)
  • Select the particular outlet  for your redemption while purchase
  • Unlimited Purchase & Redemption per person


Whether it is to beat the sweltering heat or to treat yourself to a lil' sugar rush, come enjoy Cup-Bon’s unique Rolling Ice and milk tea beverages that incorporate the refreshing, cooling and exquisite taste of the Bubble Tea, which is fast gaining immense popularity in Asia and other parts of the world. Quench your thirst and soothe that dry throat with Cup-Bon aromatic yummy-licious Oreo Chocolate Frappes or Azuri Red Bean or Coffee Bon Tiramisu and Glass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea for only RM7.90 instead of RM15.80! That’s 2 cups at half the price!


                        (Choose 1, worth RM 9.90)

                        Oreo Bon Chocolate Frappes


                                      Azuki Red Bean


                                 Coffee Bon Tiramisu



                       One Glass Jelly Roasted milk tea
                            (worth Rm 5.90)

 All health conscious consumers, worry no more as Cup-Bon uses only high quality products and natural ingredients that are made fresh in the store and super premium imported tea from Taiwan, with a variety of healthy and delicious toppings.

Cupbon also has a variety of refreshing flavors too !

  Alon Bon Honey Lemon                     Vanilla Bon Pineapple

  Lemon Mint Crystal Jelly                        Pearl Green Tea



Have you tried Cupbon new mouth-watering snacks ?

       Ice Cream waffle                            Happy Family Takoyaki


                             Chicken floss mayonaise crepes



it's doesn't only taste good but it's also good for health
(Lowers blood pressure and Body Heat) - by Ryan Mo
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Food and drinks concept outlet a good place
for customers to hang out especially during a
hot and sunny day, a cup of icy cold beverages
is what you need. - by CleverMunkey
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  • Cupbon Rolling ice

    Sungai Wang 1st floor

    Address :
    Sungai Wang 1st floor
    Website: www.cupbon.com
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  • Cupbon Rolling ice

    LG floor

    Address :
    Low Yat Plaza, LG floor
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  • Cupbon Rolling ice

    Level 1

    Address :
    The Mines Shopping Center, Level 1
    43300 Selangor, Malaysia.
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  • Cupbon Rolling ice

    Level 2

    Address :
    Leisure Mall Shopping Center, Level 2
    56100 Malaysia.
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  • Cupbon by Nice Cafe @ Platinum Park, Setapak

    Danao Kota

    Address :
    Platinum Park, Danao Kota
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